Voter Registration Info

The 2015/2016 Voter Registration Exercise commenced throughout the country on 14th September, 2015.

Who is eligible to register?

In order to register as a voter, you must be:

NOTE: Applications are also being accepted from persons that will turn 18 years on 31st July, 2016.

What other service is available at a registration centre?

The voter registration exercise also provides for the following:

Reports on the Voter Registration Exercise

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) conducted a mobile voter registration exercise between 14th September 2015 and 11th November 2015, which comprises the initial portion of the voter registration exercise. During this period, ECZ planned to cover 7,809 registration centres. Christian Churches Monitoring Group (CCMG) deployed 106 District monitors to cover a representative random sample of a total of 536 of these Registration Centres covering all 103 Districts.

The report's conclusions included:

"The mobile voter registration monitoring effort was designed to assess whether the registration exercise meets International and regional standards on voter registration exercise. These standards are transparency of the process, inclusiveness and non-discrimination.

CCMG notes from the reports of its monitors that the registration process met the above standards..." 

Download the full report here or visit the CCMG website for more information

We should encourage each other to register to vote in elections:

Am I eligible to register to vote?

You are eligible to vote if you are:

What do I need to carry with me as I go to register as a voter for the first time?

You need to carry your Green National Registration Card

What are the three simple steps to registering to vote?

I just moved to another town, are my voters card still valid?

Yes, the card is still valid, all you need to do is visit the registration centre in your new town and the Registration Officer will help you with changing the details on your card

If I am working away from my home town during the registration period, do I have to get back home in order for me to register?

With the new mobile registration kits, you can register from any registration centre in Zambia and indicate where you will vote from. You don't have to go back to your home town to register

I registered to vote before the 2011 elections, do I need to register as well?

If you registered before the 2011 elections and you have not changed your name, or address, you do not need to register again. Your voter's card is still valid.

I am pursuing my education outside zambia, can i register from where I am?

All Zambian citizens based outside the country cannot register where they are. If you want to register, you will have to come back to Zambia to register as a voter.