Political Parties

Political Parties and Candidates

Political parties and their candidates are among the key stakeholders in the Electoral Process.

It is the role of political parties and candidates to adhere to the Electoral Code of Conduct which they should subscribe through the Declaration of Compliance to the Electoral Code of Conduct (Form ECC1).

A candidate is a person - contesting an election (sponsored or independent). An independent candidate is a person not sponsored by a political party.

Political parties and candidates must take note of the following;

  1. There will be two election agents per constituency/ward;
  2. There will be two polling agents accredited to a polling station but only one polling agent at a time will be allowed inside a polling station.
  3. There will be officials from a political party accredited to a constituency. These will have to be deployed evenly to avoid overcrowding certain polling stations that are easily reachable.
  4. The role of accredited party officials is to monitor and not to interfere with the running of elections;
  5. The deadline for accreditation will be determined by the Commission
  6. The Commission will prescribe the number of officials from a political party to witness the totalling.

Election Agents

An election agent represents the interests of a candidate in a constituency or ward during an election. A candidate shall appoint two election agents in a constituency or ward. A candidate may revoke the appointment of an election agent at any time, or an election agent may resign the appointment, by giving written notice to the candidate. The candidate shall then notify the Returning Officer in writing that the election agent has ceased to act as such, and if a replacement has been appointed, will state in the notice the full name and address of the new election agent. An election agent must take oath/affirmation on a date to be advised by the RO.

Polling Agents

A polling agent represents the interests of a candidate in a polling station during an election. A candidate or an election agent may appoint two polling agents for each polling station in the constituency/ward that the candidate is contesting the election. A candidate or election agent should prepare and submit to the Returning Officer a list of polling agents so appointed. Such appointments and the submission of the list of polling agents must take place at least four days before polling day. The polling agents must take oath/affirmation.