At what age is one eligible to vote?

What are the other requirements to be eligible to vote?

Can one use any other identity document apart from a National Registration Card (NRC) to vote?

Who is allowed to enter the Polling Station?

What is the duration of the voting time?

What is a rejected ballot paper?
A rejected ballot paper is one that is not included on the counting of ballot papers due to the following reason;

What can one do in case of lost voters’ card?

What is done in cases of a transfer?

Is there any special help during voting for those who cannot read, write, see or have other needs?

How many people can the person assisting Help?

Who is allowed to monitor elections?

Are political parties also allowed to monitor elections?

Is campaigning allowed on voting day?

How many types of elections do we have in Zambia?
We have four (4) types of elections in Zambia namely;

Who qualifies to vote in all these elections?

When is Zambia going to have the next tripartite elections?

I’m a Zambian citizen living outside the country. What can I do to vote?

Who counts the results at the polling station?

Can the results of the poll be announced within a day?

Who is allowed to enter the Election Results Centre?