Elections in Zambia are open to observation and monitoring by international and local organisations respectively. Accreditation is the authority granted to stakeholders by the Commission to enter a nomination centre, polling station or totalling centre to observe the proceedings. Stakeholders should apply for accreditation to the Commission and they shall be issued with identity cards which they should display at all times when in the nomination centre, polling station or totalling centre.

Any person who wants to act as a monitor or observer during the electoral process must be accredited by the Commission and subscribe to the Electoral Code of Conduct through the Declaration of Compliance by Monitors and Observers Form (ECC2).

The Commission shall provide the Monitors and Observers with accreditation cards and their respective organisations may provide them with the necessary identification.

After the declaration of results of an election, monitors and observers shall hand over to the Commission any identification they had been issued with. Validity of accreditation expires with declaration of results.

The Commission may revoke the accreditation of any monitor or observer who contravenes the provisions of the Electoral Code of Conduct.