Legal Framework

The Electoral Commission of Zambia is an independent and autonomous Electoral Management Body (EMB) that is governed and regulated by the following pieces of legislation:

  • The Constitution of Zambia, 1991; Particularly Part III (Bill of Rights) and Article 79.
  • The Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act,2016
  • The Electoral Process Act No.35 2016, (This Act also contains the Electoral Code of Conduct in the SCHEDULE section of the same Act;
  • The Electoral Commission Act No.25 of 2016;
  • Referendum Amendment Act No.25 of 2015
  • Various statutory instruments made to regulate the electoral process, such as the Electoral (General) regulations (Under Review) and the Electoral (registration of voters) regulations.
  • Electoral process: General Regulations ( Part:1 ) ( Part:2 )