30th June 2021


(For Immediate Release)

The Electoral Group of Eminent Persons wishes to join all peace-loving persons and organizations that are calling for a peaceful general elections on 12th August, 2021.

It is very disappointing that after 57 years of independence, Zambian politics have deteriorated so embarrassingly in the eyes of peace loving Zambians as evidenced by the current happenings in this period preceding the elections characterized by violence, use of vulgar language and cyber bulling to mention but a few. This situation, if not arrested, has the potential to lead to anarchy and consequently threaten the Peace the country has enjoyed for a long time. 

The EGEP, therefore, condemns in the strongest terms the recent violence between the major political parties experienced in various parts of the country.

It is the view of the EGEP that leaders have influence and power over their followers. Their words and deeds affect their followers and are taken as a model. Given this view, we have a conviction that leaders of the  two main parties i.e the Patriotic Front and United Party for National Development should publicly address the nation and declare their desire that the country should experience peace before, during and after elections. This action, we believe, may bring about the following results among others:

  1. Facilitate for a conducive environment for 2021 elections
  2. Foster unity and patriotism in the country
  3. Reduce violence by promoting constructive dialogue among the parties concerned
  4. Discourage hate speech, insults and cyber bulling in the electoral process.
  5. Eliminate inter and intra-party violence
  6. Reduce post elections results disputes

Let us all as one people promote and sustain Peace in the Nation. If we  don’t  take action, and act now,  posterity will judge us harshly. We only have one Zambia and no other country to run to.

May we remind all those aspiring to lead this country that we are in mourning of our Founding Father Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda who led this nation in peace and unity. All regional and international leaders look at Zambia as an oasis of peace. We want to urge all the leaders to honour our late President Dr Kenneth David Kaunda by ensuring peace and unity in the country all the time.

Long live  Zambia!

God Bless Zambia!

Mrs Marian Munyinda

Chairperson EGEP

About EGEP

The Electoral Group of Eminent Persons (EGEP) is an observatory and advisory body to the Electoral Commission of Zambia. The EGEP’s aim is to observe the country’s electoral processes and provide an independent public opinion as and when need be. 

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