Inspection of the Provisional Register of Voters Extended to End on 7th April, 2021

The period for the Inspection of the Provisional Register of Voters will end on 7th April, 2021. This follows an extension of the period for conduct of the exercise which was initially meant to run from 29th March, 2021 to 2nd April, 2021.

The announcement of the extension was made by Electoral Commission of Zambia Chief Electoral Officer Mr. Kryticous Nshindano at a Press Briefing at Elections House in Lusaka on 2nd April, 2021.

Mr. Nshindano informed the Press that on 5th February 2021, the Commission announced the commencement of the inspection of the Provisional Register of Voters which takes two forms; Electronic inspection which involves the use of mobile phone USSD Code (*214#) and the web-based platform and Physical inspection where registered voters go to a polling station or inspection centre to check their details in the printed Provisional Register of Voters.

“We indicated that in our quest to be innovative and provide convenience for the registered voters, we had devised electronic means of verification of voter details on the provisional register especially taking into consideration the COVID-19 situation in the country” said Mr. Nshindano who added that registered voters can check their details electronically by dialing USSD Code *214# available on Airtel, MTN and Zamtel free of charge.

“Once a registered voter dials that code, it will prompt them with options of what action they need to take such as verifying your details and other services available on the platform. Some of the benefits that come with using this platform are that USSD works on all phones – from the most basic phone to the most high-tech and expensive models so we have everyone covered, it is free for everyone who registered as a voter to use and highly interactive, no Internet connection or data is needed and the system is customized to suit the needs of our people” said Mr. Nshindano.

Mr. Nshindano also said that the internet-based ECZ online platform was also available as an option for those with access to internet who want to check and verify their registration details. Of the internet platform, the ECZ CEO said that the platform was a build up from the online pre-voter registration exercise which people had already been interactring with.

Mr. Nshindano said that the Commission was encouraging registered voters to verify their details using the USSD Code and web-based platform as once checked and a voter feels that there are no errors in their details, they did not need to physically go to a physical inspection centre. “Physical inspection centres are mainly designated for services such as correction of wrongly captured details, replacement of lost or damaged voters’ cards, transfers for these who would like to change their polling stations and removal of the deceased voters from the register. During this period, the Commission is also receiving objections and appeals, having said this, I would like to make an earnest appeal to all registered voters to take advantage of these platforms and extension period to verify the accuracy of their details on the Provisional Register of Voters. If one finds that their details are not correct, they need to go to a physical inspection centre that has a registration kit to have details corrected and new voter’s card issued” said Mr. Nshindano.

Mr. Nshindano called upon stakeholders who include all political parties, Civil Society Organisations and the media to take keen interest in the Inspection exercise and create awareness in communities.

  • See Video of the Press Briefing here.

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