Election Observation and Monitoring

Elections in Zambia are open to observation and monitoring by international and local organisations. Election observation is one of the most transparent and methodical ways to promote and encourage democracy and human rights. The Commission grants accreditation to Monitors and Observers who apply to the commission to conduct Monitoring and Observation missions during election periods. Any person who seeks to act as a monitor or observer during the electoral process should be accredited by the Commission and subscribe to the Electoral Code of Conduct through the Declaration of Compliance by Monitors and Observers Form (ECC2).

Accreditation is the authority granted to stakeholders by the Commission to enter a nomination centre, polling station or totalling centre to observe proceedings.

The distinction between Observers and Monitors is that Observers are drawn from the international community while Monitors are drawn from the local civil society. An observer may not bring to the attention of the Presiding, Returning Officer or a member of the Commission any discrepancies that may arise during the conduct of an election while a monitor may do so.

Observers may inform the Commission in writing of any discrepancies during the conduct of an election.

Observation is information gathering and / or on sight fact finding and making an informed judgement about the credibility, legitimacy and transparency of the electoral process. Monitoring is information gathering examination and evaluation of the electoral process.  

The Commission can revoke the accreditation of any monitor or observer who contravenes the provisions of the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Election observation is based on clear commitments entered into by governments for ensuring democratic elections and that an observer must be an objective individual who does not interfere in the electoral process of the country whose elections they are observing.

International election observer missions are organised by a wide number of actors, such as the European UnionOSCECarter CenterAfrican UnionOASIRINDICouncil of Europe etc.

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