Marking of The Voter with Indelible Ink In The Kasenengwa Parliamentary By-Election

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has determined the dates for nominations and polls for the Kasenengwa Parliamentary and Five (5) Councillor By-elections as 9th August and 6th September, 2018 respectively.

The Commission would like to inform all Political Parties and Stakeholders that that following the recently held Kasenengwa Council Chairperson Election on 26th July, 2018 and the forthcoming Parliamentary election in the same district, voters will still have indelible ink on their right thumbs. This is due to the short period of time within which the two (2) elections are being held. Therefore, the Commission has resolved the following:

1. The marking of the voter’s thumb will be changed from the right thumb nail on the right hand to the left thumb nail on the left hand, or any other finger or body part found appropriate by the Polling Assistant so that those who voted in the previous elections are not perceived to have already cast their vote. Those who did not vote in the previous election will be marked on the right thumb nail.

2. The left thumb will be marked in the same way as per procedure;

3. The Commission will conduct training of Presiding Officers / Assistant Presiding Officers and Polling Assistants in Kasenengwa with emphasis on the subject matter.

For any clarification, please contact the Public Relations Department on 0211 252208 or the District Electoral Officers in the respective districts.

Margaret Chimanse
Public Relations Manager
For/The Commission