Recruitment of Poll Staff – Lusaka

22 JULY, 2018


The Electoral Commission of Zambia wishes to advise the General Public and Stakeholders on the following:

1) Recruitment of Poll Staff was delegated to Lusaka District Council;

2) Recruitment and shortlists were completed on 17 July, 2018;

3) The shortlists were based on individuals who have conducted elections in 2015 and 2016; and have Certificates from the Electoral Commission of Zambia;

4)Further, criteria such as being non-partisan and having professional conduct has also been applied;

5) Trainings of Poll Staff have been based on the aforementioned criteria in an open manner and without favour;

6) There is no application fee charged by the Electoral Commission of Zambia or the Lusaka District Council.

The Commission therefore will continue to be professional throughout the conduct of the electoral process without giving any preference or priority to any individual. We encourage equal opportunity for all.

Issued by
Margaret Chimanse
Manager Public Relations
For/Chief Electoral Officer