Political Parties Pledge to Maintain Peace in Chilanga

July 15, 2018

Political parties participating in the District Chairperson By-Elections on 26 July have taken a step to end violence in the district by drawing up ten resolutions which were signed by the parties, the Police and the District Electoral Officer who is also the Council Secretary.

Among the resolutions signed by UPND, PF and UPPZ, Police and the Council Secretary was a call to political parties not to import cadres to districts during the campaign period and command centres to be immediately disbanded after the campaign period ends on 25th July as well as voters to leave polling stations immediately after voting.

The parties also resolved that offensive weapons should not be carried during the campaign period while door to door campigns were restricted to three people and campaign messages to be issue based with no character assassination.

The parties further resolved to abide by the district campaign schedule and called for enhanced police presence at polling stations while maintaining routine patrols.

It is hoped that these measures shall help main peace during campaigns and poll day for the Commission to deliver credible.

Issued by
Margaret Chimanse
Manager Public Relations