Commission Engages Stakeholders to Ensure Peace in Chilanga By-Election

The Chilanga by-election will be held on 5th June, 2018. Election time brings with it various challenges such as violence. The role of the Commission in the electoral process is significant and calls for the support of all stakeholders for free and fair elections to be conducted.

To discuss the role that the Commission is playing in maintaining a conducive environment in Chilanga, Director Electoral Operations Ms. Chana Kaunda Zambezi appeared on a live broadcast on Hot FM dubbed “Frank on Hot” where she elaborated some of the strategies that are being employed to ensure peaceful campaigns.

She said the Commission had engaged key stakeholders in the Chilanga by-elections such as political parties, the Police Command, and Church Mother Bodies where all stakeholders pledged to abide by the Electoral Code of Conduct so that the Chilanga by-election would be free of violence.

Mrs. Zambezi also called for peace among political parties and stakeholders during campaigns for the Chilanga by-election to encourage all eligible voters to cast their vote and enhance the credibility of the polls.

She stated that elections were a process that involved many events which required all stakeholders to play their role and maintain peace so that all eligible voters can cast their vote.

“We shall continue to provide voter education among our people so that more people can vote successfully. Our focus is to continue to improve the delivery of elections that meets the expectations of the Zambian people. This requires the Commission to improve its internal processes but we cannot deliver elections without the support of our stakeholders,” Mrs. Zambezi explained.

She urged all stakeholders and the general public to take an interest in elections to ensure that the Commission can meet the aspirations of the people to conduct free and fair elections.

Mrs. Zambezi also commend the Police for their professional conduct in maintaining law and order in Chilanga and for providing adequate numbers of officers in different zones of the consistency.
The Commission had also provided media access to all aspiring candidates to market their manifestos to the people on ZNBC Radio Two and Radio One. These programmes in English and Nyanja allowed the candidates to reach out to more people on an equal platform.

Four political parties are participating in the Chilanga by-election. These are the National Restoration Party, United Party for National Development, United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia and the Patriotic Front.