Abide by The Code or Be Punished – Judge Chulu

Speaking at the mid-term review meeting with political parties and Church Mother Bodies Chairperson of the Commission Hon. Justice Esau Chulu encouraged all political parties to comply with the Electoral Code of Conduct failure to which the Commission would take punitive measures.

“We wish to remind political parties and all stakeholders that the Commission has extra powers vested in the Electoral Process Act No. 35 of 2016, section 110 that allows for the Commission to disqualify a political party or candidate in breach of the Code,” the Judge emphasised, adding “The Commission has the duty to ‘censure acts done by leaders of political parties, candidates, supporters, and Government and its organs, which are aimed at jeopardising elections or done in contravention of this Code.”

Judge Chulu reaffirmed the Commission’s commitment to ensuring that elections are managed in accordance with the laws and¬†statutes prescribed by the people of Zambia.

He said the Zambian people have a right to vote and choose their leaders freely in a non-violent and peaceful manner and pledged that Commission will continue to uphold the Code and ensure that elections in the country and Chilanga in particular, are managed in a free and fair manner.

The Judge expressed disappointment with the conduct of some political parties on nomination day in Chilanga where they failed to abide by the regulations. He said this was regrettable as all political parties in attendance had committed to abide by the resolutions to uphold peace at a meeting of stakeholders which was held a few days before nominations on 3rd May.

“I am also deeply concerned with the violent type of language being used after nominations as well as personality attacks on candidates and provocation especially after committing to the resolutions and expectations collectively agreed upon,” Judge Chulu expounded.

In his concluding remarks the Judge advised all key stakeholders in the electoral process to promote issue based campaigns and abide by the Code to help the Commission to deliver peaceful elections in Chilanga.

The mid-term review meeting which was co-chaired by Reverend Pukuta Mwanza from the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia was held on May 11, 2018. It was attended by all political parties participating in the Chilanga By-election, the Deputy Inspector General of Police Mr. Malcom Mulenga as well as representatives of Church Mother Bodies.