PR Staff Sharpen Communication Skills

Commission Staff from the Public Relations Department have undergone training in Advanced Strategic Communications, Crisis Management & Public Relations offered by the Handfold Global Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa.

According to Mr. Keith Mazeko, the Facilitator of the Training, Advanced Strategic Communications, Crisis Management & Public Relations constitutes key components of Corporate Communications.

“The role of Corporate Communications and Branding is becoming an increasingly pivotal tool in the management, establishment, enhancement and defense of an organisation’s reputation” said Mr. Maseko who added that reputation and credibility could impact an organisation in many ways if not managed correctly.

The training which is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Support Project to Elections in Zambia has been carried out in phases with the first set attending the Programme in November last year.

The second set of training at the Capital 20 West Hotel was held from 18th to 24th February, 2018 and a final set is expected to be conducted in the last week of March.

Public Relations Manager Ms. Margaret Chimanse said that it was important for the Commission staff to participate in the training programme to enhance the Commission’s capacity to engage stakeholders strategically.

“We are operating in a dynamic environment where innovation is required in any organisation in order to carry out communication to stakeholders effectively. Hence,the PR staff attending this critical training in modern strategic communications will be beneficial to the Commission,” said Ms. Chimanse.

Some of the topics covered in the training were application of strategic thinking to tactical communications initiatives, development of a brand essence approach for the Commission, development and execution of creative, strategic corporate communications campaigns and to effectively manage the media and handling difficult media inquiries.

Other topics included learning how to manage crisis scenarios more effectively to mitigate against loss of reputation, and effective use of internet social media in corporate communication.

Senior Public Relations Officer Mr. Raphael Phiri who attended the training in February found the training programme very insightful and useful.

“We learnt more on social media, creating a Strategic Digital Communications Framework and brand communications which are key components of the of the Commission’s communication strategy .”

The workshop topics also covered practical lessons in Building a Communications Strategy, Leadership Communications, Cross Cultural Communication, Communications Audit, Strategic PR Management, Change Communication, Handling Media interviews, Stakeholder Communication and how to write successful content in an Omni-Channel World.