The Commission Develops a New Voter Education Platform

Proposed front page for the Voter Education Portal for children. Clicking the baloons will open pages with information on the labeled subject.

The Commission has developed a comprehensive Voter Education Reference platform which contains civic education content and resources for academicians and researchers on the Zambian electoral process which will cater for children and adults.

Speaking to the Monthly at the materials development workshop which was held from 28th November, 2017 to 6th December, 2017 at Tecla Hotel in Lusaka, Acting Voter Education Manager Mr. Mataa Sikota said that the platform was a result of extensive research and teamwork.

“We have been working on this platform since July, 2017 and it is a response to information requests th

Updated wall display. 1 of 16 which present details on the electoral process in Zambia. The wall panels are mounted at the Voter Education Resource Centre in the Lusaka Showgrounds.

e Commission has received from various sectors of the public” said Mr. Sikota.

The Materials Development Workshop which was attended by officers from Voter Education, Information Technology, Elections and Public Relations Departments updated Voter Education materials with new information on the electoral process as prescribed by Constitution of Zambia Amendment No.2 of 2016 and the Electoral Process Act.

The materials developed at the workshop are fed into an electronic offline-website platform and linked to all relevant publications such as the Electoral Process Act, Statistics, Maps, the Republican Constitution and various training manuals.

Manager Elections Mr. Winner Mwanamoonga in a presentation at the workshop stated that the platform would be placed at the Voter Education Resource Centre (VERC) at the Lusaka Showgrounds to serve visiting clients who would have information needs on various aspects of the electoral process.

Proposed digital Voter Education Platform for use at the Voter Education Resource Centre.

“This platform is unique in that we have developed information on the electoral process for both adults and children who visit the VERC” said Mr. Mwanamoonga.

Voter Education is a core function of the Electoral Commission of Zambia. The function is essential in ensuring effective participation of citizens in the electoral process of Zambia.

The platform development process is supported by the UNDP Project of Support to the Electoral Cycle in Zambia.