ECZ trains poll staff ahead of 14th September, 2017 by-elections The commission conducts the voter education briefings for district voter education trainers in lunte, kanchibiya, lavushimanda and itezhi tezhi districts

The Commission is conducting the Voter Education Briefings for District Voter Education Trainers (DVETS) in four (4) districts. The four (4) districts are Lunte in Northern Province, Kanchibiya and Lavushimanda in Muchinga Province and Itezhi Tezhi in Central Province.
In Lunte, Kanchibiya and Itezhi Tezhi districts, the briefings will take place on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th August, 2017, while in Lavushimanda, the DVETS will be briefed on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th August 2017

The briefings are being held ahead of the forthcoming Council Chairperson Elections in the four (4) districts.

The objectives of the training are;

1. To prepare VEFs to facilitate effectively
2. To equip VEFs with the Voter Education content to be delivered.
3. To develop common community mobilisation strategies and facilitation methodologies.
4. To develop common approaches for the delivery of Voter Education.

In his opening remarks to participants, Lunte District Electoral Officer and Council Secretary, Mr. Mfula Mwansa implored the Facilitators to exercise professionalism, impartiality and adherence to the ECZ core values, which are transparency, credibility, innovativeness, accountability, teamwork, equity and impartiality.

Voter Education provides voters with knowledge and information on their rights and responsibilities during an election. It raises voters’ awareness and understanding of the importance of elections in a democracy. It seeks to provide the citizens with knowledge and skills to enable them participate meaningfully in the electoral process.

The briefings are based on principles of Non-partisanship, objectivity and transparency.