Elections for Council Chairpersons In Itezhi Tezhi, Kanchibiya, Luvushimanda, Lunte Districts and in Eight (8) Local Government Wards

Elections House,

Haile Selassie Avenue,

PO Box 50274,


          12th   July, 2017.



(For immediate release)


Notice is hereby given to the general public that the Electoral Commission of Zambia has prescribed Thursday, 14th September, 2017 as the date on which to hold the District Council Chairperson’s elections in Itezhi Tezhi, Kanchibiya, Luvushimanda and Lunte districts. On the same date, the Commission will also conduct eight (8) Local Government by-elections in Chililalila, Chitwi, Luansobe, Luntomfwe, Libonda, Mpidi Kakonga, Chimanja and Mabinga wards.

The by-election in Itezhi Tezhi, district has been necessitated following the death of the incumbent Council Chairperson. The creation of Kanchibiya, Luvushimanda and Lunte districts necessitated the need for Council Chairpersons’ elections in the said districts. The vacancies in Chililalila, Chitwi, Luansobe, Luntomfwe, Libonda, Mpidi Kakonga, Chimanja and Mabinga wards are as a result of deaths and resignations of incumbent Councillors.

The polls will take place from 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours.

Aspiring candidates in the by-elections should lodge completed and attested statutory declaration and nomination papers subscribed before a Magistrate, Local Court Magistrate, Head of a Government Primary or Secondary School, Principal of a College, Commissioner of Oaths, Election Officer or Returning Officer on Tuesday 15th August, 2017  between 09:00 hours and 15:00 hours.

Aspiring candidates for the Council Chairperson by-election in Itezhi Tezhi, district and elections in Kanchibiya, Luvushimanda and Lunte districts should take along with them fifteen (15) supporters who must be registered voters in the respective districts.  The supporters must have in their possession their green national registration cards and voters’ cards. Aspiring candidates will be required to pay Two thousand Kwacha (K2 000.00) non-refundable nomination fee.


Aspiring candidates in the Local Government by-elections should take along with them nine (9) supporters who must be registered voters in the affected wards. Aspiring candidates will be required to pay Seven Hundred and fifty Kwacha (K750.00), for City and Municipal Councils and Four Hundred Kwacha (K400.00) for District Councils non-refundable nomination fee.


Media personnel and Registered Non-Governmental Organisations wishing to monitor/observe the elections are advised to apply for accreditation in the respective districts, which will take place from 9th August to 10th September 2017.  


Accreditation for political party officials wishing to monitor elections in the districts/ wards shall only be up to a maximum of 10 members per political party.


Please note that only a maximum of 5 accredited members per political party and two accredited representatives of NGOs shall be authorised to represent their respective political parties or NGOs at the Collation Centre (Totaling Centre).

Only three (3) senior officials of any participating political party with Electoral Commission of Zambia accreditation will be allowed to accompany aspiring candidates into the Nomination Centre during the filing of nominations. The rest of the supporters should remain outside the 400 metre parameter from the Nomination Centre, in accordance with the law.

Note that the campaign period for these elections commences on Tuesday 15th August, 2017 after 15:00 hours and will end at 18:00 hours on Wednesday, 13th September, 2017. 

In addition, not more than two (2) political party members per participating political party shall be allowed to witness counting of votes at the Polling Station.



Council Chairperson by-election/elections

  Central Itezhi Tezhi
  Muchinga Kanchibiya
  Muchinga Luvushimanda
  Northern Lunte


Ward by-elections

  Central Kabwe Bwacha Chililalila
  Copperbelt Luanshya Luanshya Chitwi
  Copperbelt Mufulira Kankoyo Luansobe
  Northern Kaputa Kaputa Luntomfwe
  Western Kalabo Liuwa Libonda
  North/Western Zambezi Zambezi East Mpidi Kakonga
  Lusaka Chilanga Chilanga Chimanja
  Muchinga Chama Chama South Mabinga


For any clarification, please contact the Public Relations Department on 0211 252208 or the District Electoral Officers in the respective districts.

Raphael Phiri

Public Relations Officer

For /The Commission