Edgar Chagwa Lungu is President of Zambia

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has announced results of the 2016 Zambian Presidential Election and His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his running mate Ms. Inonge Mutukwa Wina of the Patriotic Front Party has been declared duly elected President of Zambia and Vice President respectively.
The declaration was made on Wednesday the 15th of August 2016 at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka by ECZ Chairperson and Returning Officer Mr.Justice Esau Elliot Chulu.

President Edgar Lungu was re-elected into the office of President of Zambia  after securing over fifty-per cent of total valid votes cast with 1,860,877 votes.

The full results are as follows;

  • Edgar Chagwa C. Lungu PF: 1,860,877
  • Hakainde Hichilema UPND: 1,760,347
  • Edith Z. Nawakwi FDD:  24,149
  • Banda Andyford PAC: 15,791
  • Wynter Kabimba Rainbow: 9,504
  • Saviour Chishimba UPP: 9,221
  • Tilyenji Kaunda UNIP: 8,928
  • Peter Sinkamba GREENS: 4,515
  • Maxwell Mwamba DA: 2,378

The results are tabulated below;



  • Assaf Zulu

    Thank you ECZ for your professional conduct in handling the elections. You are the BEST.

  • Mwansa L

    Victory was certain well meaning people of Zambia spoke and the loud voice was heard who is he to despute to go against what Zambian want.

  • Gilbert

    Congratulations your Excellency. I love your Godly principles. But “check out” for those trying to disturb our peace in this country. We can not afford to live in division. It’s too late now for we are already one. May the Almighty GOD continue to guide you in this enormous task in Jesus Name. Gratitude to the Church in Zambia for the ceaseless prayers before and during elections. Please do not relax least the enemy takes advantage of your relaxation. To ECZ, it was not easy but you did your best. Keep it up with your credibility.

  • Yohane Nyirenda

    Its should read Monday, 15th August 2016 not Wednesday.


    Is it true that we are having an election rerun? I ask this question because of the news i have just read on the post news paper’s post on their page.

  • Ellias Kataya

    A great welldone work to the entire ECZ.congratulations to PF

  • ephrem shatunka

    Why wasn’t the percentage not made public to avoid queries.coz all we know is its more than 50% how?its not everybody who is able to culculate the percentage plz inform the pipo properly.on the referendum the sensitisation wasn’t good pipo never knew about it they were not explained to properly so there is no need to blame the ignorant Zambian out there but the stake holder who indirectly never agreed with the content.

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