Guide to Calculation Of 50%+1 for August 11th 2016 Elections.


Refer to Constitution.

Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) [No. 2 of 2016]…
’47. (1) Elections to the office of President shall be conducted directly, under a majoritarian electoral system, where the winning candidate must receive more than fifty percent of the valid votes cast, and in accordance with Article 101.’

CALCULATION: Add votes for all candidates and get 100%, 3,695,710 is total of valid votes cast representing 100%.

NOTE: 1,847,855 is exactly 50% of total valid votes cast.

Edgar Lungu scores 1,860,877 which is 50.35%
A difference of 13,022 votes. 

Had there been just one extra vote above 50% that would have met the 50%+1 requirement.


  • we know that, but explain much to the people of southern

    • moja moja

      is it true that the ecz stole the other results to give lungu a win??. other wise we will fire all ecz workers .

    • ARTHUR

      Welldone ECZ,even under extreme situations.Zambians seem not to appreciate most insitutions in Zambia,but if we are to compare with other countries,youre among the best.Keep it up .Dont be discouraged with all allegations which are expected because human beings are like that.WHat is important is to do your work deligently and profesionally.Welldone may the good Lord bless all ECZ workers for your performance

    • We need to shut down the watchdog. It’s causing serious problems in the country. They are reporting fake details aimed at provoking hatred and evil suspicion

    • mbanga

      What is the difference between traditional strongholds and tribal voting.

    • sitali

      please is there different between 50.35 % and 50 plus 1? if yes please explain

  • James Phiri

    But we’ve seen different numbers for the number of valid votes cast – some have said the number of valid votes was 3,781,505 not 3,695,710. Also there are accusations that some votes were removed and that there needs to be verification of the numbers announced by ECZ through the electronic system documented on form GEN 12. Finally there are no results currently published on your website and it has been like that since yesterday afternoon 15 August so it becomes difficult for citizens to even know what numbers ECZ is referring too.

  • justinmiyambo

    nothing to be happen to mr HH accept defeat please you what us to running our country.

  • Isaac

    Simple arithmetic to grasp! Komafye…yaaa! Balekefye Chagwa ateke. Chilikoshani kanshi?

  • Katembar VII

    I thought that you should get 51% and above. Kanshi Na 50.1 could have worked.

  • james

    when do we expect the results for the referendum?

  • What do mean”Had there been just one extra vote above 50% that would have met the 50%+1 requirement”?

  • PF

    Send this explanation to Dundumwezi and Neganega

  • reuben

    in short the contest wasn’t close as we thought .13,022 votes so far bigger than +1

  • Fredie Paul

    i hope God will judge u all the ECZs, but you have to remember that some people were working under the same ECZ and they left it for and you will also do the same, NOTHING IS PERMANENT IN THIS WORLD

  • Lungu Jackson

    well tabulated and explained.even someone who doesn’t understand we be able to.

  • Kildare

    Good presentation and brief to the point. Internet has no boundaries everyone throughout the country and in foreign service will have accurate information now.


    Well explained and simplified. Keep up the good work. Kindly engage more stakeholders to sensitize the general public especially our brothers and sisters in rural areas where there is high “modern” illiterate rates.

  • kangende

    I am somewhat lost here, if you say so then what is the percentage of rejected votes? I believe rejected votes + valid votes must give you 100percentage.

  • Farooq Changwe

    Thank you ECZ for your commendable efforts. it must be noted that you are among the best elections commissions in the world. i do not see how your transparent conduct could be brought to question when you even allowed all stakeholders to verify the results before announcing.
    Keepup the goodwork and for luck of a better term you make any sane person proud

  • Did 50% 1 work in the by-elections that we had on 11th August 2016?

  • Lala

    The guide on calculation of 50% is very helpful to aid doubting Thomases

  • Edgar Lungu Is The President of Zambia. Whoaaa!!!

  • francis john kunda

    What is the total number of ;
    Presidential valid votes cast?
    Presidential ballots printed?
    Presidential ballots not used?presidential ballots missing and how?

    Also upload all the presidential Gr12 certificates for all constituancies so that they are easily acccessiible by the public.

  • paul

    Only results from this page are deamed legal and the. 50+1 threshold was met. What is it that muvi TV reported on the 8000 votes reduced fro EL????? And they claim you made changes. Did the commission actually deduct votes from president elect- Edgar Lungu????

  • People are waitting to dununa again

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