1st Press Briefing on Poll Day By Ms. Isaac

Elections House,

Haile Selassie Avenue,

PO Box 50274,


11th   August, 2016.

Accredited Monitors and Observers,

Members of the Press,

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,
I wish to welcome you all to the First Briefing here at the National Election Results Centre.
Distribution of materials

Over 85% of Poll staff and election materials were successfully distributed to the various Polling Stations throughout the country by 24.00hrs.
Opening of Polling stations

Most of Polling Stations had opened on time today.  The following Polling Stations were expected to open late due to terrain challenges which delayed the transportation of materials:

a) Nalolo district

• Silowana Ward;

• Yamakumba  and

• Shekela Wards

b) Sioma district

• Liandamo Ward

• Mbume Ward
These were expected to open at 10:30hrs.

These polling stations which opened late will be compensated for the lost time.
Postponed elections

Voting in the following wards has been postponed due to errors on the ballot papers;

1. Kanyala and Mpungu Ward in  Isoka Constituency, candidates’details were transposed between the two wards;

2. Miengwe Ward in  Kafulafuta Constituency, Mumbwe Ward in Chipili Constituency and Keembe Ward in Keembe Constituency had transposed portraits on the ballot paper.
The Commission will communicate a future date for holding these elections
Fading Official Marks

The Commission wishes to bring to the attention of the public that it is aware of the fading or invisible official marks. The poll staff have been advised to write official at the back of each ballot paper.  The Commission will also provide ink-pads to be used in nearby polling stations.
Publicising of Cast votes

The Commission has observed with dismay photos of marked ballot papers in Polling booths being posted on various online and social media platforms. The Commission would like to caution members of the public to desist from such actions that would compromise the secrecy of the ballot.
I would to appeal to all Polling staff and Security Officers in the Polling Stations to stop voters from using mobile phones in the Polling Stations as this is contrary to the Electoral Regulations.
The Commission would like to appeal to members of the public that the information circulating on social media that there will be different days of voting for various Political parties is completely false and should be ignored.

There is a good turnout at the various Polling Stations and the voting environment is calm and peaceful. I would therefore like to encourage those who have not yet voted to go and cast their votes before 18.00hrs when Polling closes.
NOTE: The next briefing will be at 17:00 hour today.

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  • Ezekiel Chazwe Lungu II

    Will the postponement of Voting that has taken place in some wards affect the time when results should be announced?

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