August 11th, 2016 General Elections and Referendum

The Electoral Commission of Zambia wishes to inform the nation that elections will be conducted  tomorrow 11th August for all voters to vote in the  Presidential, Parliamentary, Local Government, Mayoral/Chairperson elections and the Referendum. 
No elections will be held on Friday 12th August. The report circulating on social media that the Constitutional court as ruled that there will be different days of voting for UPND suporters on Thursday, 11th August and for  PF supporters on Friday, 12th August is completely false and should be ignored. 
All voters should cast their vote tomorrow, Thursday, 11th August from 06 hours to 18 hours and should not be misled by the false reports that there will be a second day of voting on Friday, 12th August.
Priscilla Isaac, Director ECZ


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