Public Notice


NOTICE is hereby given that in accordance with Article 52 of the Constitution, the persons indicated in Schedule 1 were validly nominated as Presidential candidates and Running Mates.

FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that the information regarding the qualifications and assets and liabilities of all the validly nominated candidates and their running mates is indicated in Schedule 2 hereto.














1. Kaunda Chanda Tilyenji Njekwa Ement Anamela United National Independence Party (UNIP)
2. Nawakwi Zewelani Edith


Clement Mwanza Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD)
3. Edgar Chagwa Lungu Inonge Mutukwa Wina Patriotic Front (PF)
4. Saviour Chishimba Sinanzeni Chuma United Progressive Party (UPP)
5. Wynter Kabimba Cosmas Musheke Musumali Rainbow Party
6. Peter Chazya Sinkamba Clement Francis Tafeni Green Party
7. Hichilema Hakainde Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba United  Party For National Development (UPND)
8. Andyford Mayele Banda Enock Roosevelt Tonga People’s Alliance for Change (PAC)
9. Maxwell Mwamba Rosemary Kabungo Democratic Assembly (DA)







  Names Gender Age Qualification Assets Liabilities
1. Tilyenji Chanda Kaunda Male 62 Years School Certificate : Kamwala Secondary School 1.     Farm Chanyanya, Kafue



2.    Plot Mapepe


Total: K300,000.00

Njekwa Ement Anamela Male 65 Years School Certificate : Kabulonga Boys Secondary School 1.    House Lusaka and Mongu

(K600,000.00 Each)


2.    Traditional Plot Chibombo

( K30,000.00)


3.    Shares: ZANACO, AIRTEL, CEC

Total: K630,000.00

2. Nawakwi Zewelani Edith Female 56 Years 1.    Master of Science: University of London


2.    Diploma in Environmental Technology: Imperial College of Science and Technology London


3.    Diploma in Economics  of Energy and Development : University of Surrey


4.    Bachelor of Arts: University of Zambia


5.  School Certificate : Kasama Girls Secondary School


1.    Plot Lusaka West



2.    3 Motor Vehicles

(2 @ K150,000.00      and 1 @ K 700,00.00)


3.    Monies in the Bank:














Personal Loan:


Clement Mwanza Male 43 Years 1.    PHD in Development and Culture.


2.    Master of Theology: University of  Stellenbosch


3.    Bachelor of Theology: Justo Mwale Theological College.


4.    School Certificate : Nyimba Secondary School


1.    Two Plots in Chipata (K450,000.00 and K300,000.00 respectively)


2.    Toyota Prado (K75,000.00)


3.     Leyland Truck (K80,000.00)


4.    Money in the  Bank: K120,000.00


Personal Loan:


3. Edgar Chagwa Lungu Male 59 Years School Certificate : Mukuba Secondary School 1.    Farm : Lusaka (K2,500,000.00)


2.    Lot in Kanakantapa (K150,000.00)


3.    Property in Chalala in Lusaka (K800,000.00)


4.    Lex House Suit (K1,200,000.00)


5.    Lot in Njolwe (K1,500,000.00)


6.    Two Properties :Lots (K4,800,000.00 and K 12,000,000.00 Respectively)


7.    Motor Vehicle K 450,000.00


8.    Sharesholdings /Partnerships (Eclect Enterprises, Dagies Car Park)


9.    Money in the Bank: K491,213.90

Inonge Mutukwa Wina Female 77 Years 1.    High School Diploma: Los Angeles City High School District


2.    Diploma : University of Zambia

1.    Traditional Plot Mongu (K3,000,000.00)


2.    Head of Cattle  (K800,000.00)


3.    Personal Accounts


4.    Four Motor Vehicles (Parliament, K30,000.00, k60,000.00 and K43,000.00


5.    Shareholders / Directorships (Namboma Holdings Limited, Barn Motel Limited, Pioneer Mining Limited CEC , Chilanga Cement , National Breweries


K 102,000.00 Payment to Contractor
4. Saviour Chishimba Male 42 Years School Certificate : Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School 1.    House (K1,200,000.00)


2.    Farm Land (K2,500,000.00)


3.    Movable Assets (Motor Vehicle and Household goods (K200,000.00)


4.    Shares : K30,700.00


5.    Cash: K155,000.00


Total: K4,085,700.00

Net: 3,920,700.00


Sinanzeni Chuma Female 63 Years School Certificate : Matero Girls Secondary School 1.    Small Holding Farm: Makeni



2.    Small Holding Farm: Makeni

(K10,000,000.00 )


3.    Small Holding Farm: Barlastone Park (Namando) (K3,600,000.00 )


4.    Small Holding Farm: Barlastone Park(Namando)  (K3,000,000.00 )


5.    Residential House : Chudleigh

(K3,600,000.00 )


6.    Semi – Finished House on Residential Plot: Roma



7.    Semi – Finished House on Residential Plot: Dallas, Kabwe

( K350,000.00 )


8.    Semi – Finished Residential Plot: Dallas, Kabwe

(K200,000.00 Each)

9.    Money in Bank:



Total K37,320,000.00

Financial Asset in Dollars:


1.    Money in Bank: $40,000.00


2.    United Nations Federal Credit Union $22,000.00


Total $ 62,000.00


Personal Loan: $39,000.00
5. Wynter Munachaambwa Kabimba Male 58 Years School Certificate : Kafue Secondary School 1.      House  Lusaka (K2,000,000.00)


2.      House Lusaka (K700,000.00)


3.      Plot Ibex Hill Lusaka (K750,000.00)


4.      7 Motor Vehicles (K175,000.00, K250,000.00, K300,000.00, K80,000.00, K65,000.00, K60,000.00, K220,000.00 respectively)




5.      Mutumbi Ranching Limited (K3,000,000.00)


6.      Zanaco PLC (K150,000.00)


7.      Zambian Breweries Ltd( K120,000.00)


8.      Zambia Sugar Company Limited (K100,000.00)


9.      Firearms Short Gun (K15,000.00)


10.  Revolver (K20,000.00)


11.  Collection of Art (K350,000.00)


12.  Personal Library (K500,000.00)


Personal Loan: K80,000.00
Cosmas Musheke Musumali Male 57


School Certificate : Kalabo Boys Secondary School 1.    Ngwerere Property (K3,200,000.00)


2.    Kasenga Property (K900,000.00)


3.    Waterfalls Property (K2,850,000.00)


4.    New Kasama Property (K4,600,000.00)


5.    2 Cars (K135,000.00)


6.    2 Guns (K17,000.00)


7.    Collectors’ Items, Historical Artifacts (K130,000.00)


Total: K 11,832,000.00


Loan : K20,000.00
6. Peter Chazya Sinkamba Male 52 Years Master of Philosophy : University of Stellenbosch 1.    House Kitwe (K2,000,000.00)


2.    Commercial Plot Kitwe (K200,000.00)


3.    Commercial Plot (K300,000.00)


4.    Audit Fees ($521,740.50)


5.    5 Cars (K950,000.00)


6.    Shares: Worldwide Environmental Risks Surveyors Limited, Citizens for a Better Environment Limited, Copperbelt Metal Exchange Limited, PC Digital Limited, Peter Chazya Investments Limited


7.    Gun (K6,000.00)


8.    Miscellaneous Personal Effects (K130,000.00)


1.     Legal Fees: K275,000.00 and K150,000.00)


2.     Miscellaneous Debts: K300,000.00

Clement Francis Tafeni Male 41 Years Master of Laws: International Finance and Banking 1.    Residential Plot Kitwe (K60,000.00) Luto Farm (K200,000.00)


2.    Two Motor Vehicles (K120,000.00 and K 45,000.00)


3.    Personal Effects: (K300,000.00)


Office Rentals: K24,000.00


Hichilema Hakainde Male 53 Years 1.      Bachelor of Arts: University of Zambia


2.      School Certificate : Kalomo Secondary School

1.    Land and Buildings (K36,95 Million)


2.    Shares (K13,75 Million)


3.    Receivables (K2.07 Million)


4.    Other K20 Million


5.    Bank Cash (K1.55 Million)


Total: K 74.32 Million

Net: K 73.16 Million


1.    Payables: 0.54 Million


2.    Contingents:0.62 Million


Total: 1.16 Million

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba Male 57 Years Finance and Investment Advanced Diploma: London School of Business and Finance 1.    House Lusaka (K15,000,000.00)


2.    Other Properties: 3 Plots Lusaka (K1,500,000.00,K1,200,000.00 and K1,200,000.00)


3.    Automobiles (K500,000.00 and K 1,040,000.00)


4.    Equity Assets-Stocks in Companies- GBM Milling Limited (K2,567,988.00)


5.    Business Investments: GBM Milling Limited  (K5,270,767.00) Arizona Marketing ( K3,434,973.00)


6.    Cash Reserve Assets (K1,300,000.00)


Total: K33,013,728.00


1.  Credit Cards: K200,000.00


2.  Other: K1,000,000.00


Total: K1,200,000.00

8. Andyford Mayele Banda Male 35 Years School Certificate : Kalomo Secondary School 1.    House (K300,000.00)


2.    Car (K50,000.00)


3.    Debtors (K500,000.00)


4.    Other (K100,000.00)


Total: K950,000.00

Net worth: K890,000.00


Creditors: K60,000.00
Enock Roosevelt Tonga Male 38 Years School Certificate : Chililabombwe  Boys Secondary School 1.    House (K500,000.00)


2.    Car (K100,000.00)



Total: 600,000.00


9. Maxwell Mwamba Male 68 Years Master of Business Administration: Copperstone University 1.    Land and Buildings (K10,575,000.00)


2.    Motor Vehicles (K1,815,000.00)


3.    Farm Machinery and Equipment (K10,000.00)


Total Value of Tangible Assets: K10,576,825.00


4.    Current Assets Cash and Bank Balances (K40,000.00)



Rosemary Kabungo Female 59 Years Diploma in Public Health Inspection for  General Overseas Appointments: The Royal Society of Health


School Certificate : Ibenga Girls Secondary School

1.    Land and Buildings (K10,575,000.00)


2.    Motor Vehicles (K1,815,000.00)


3.    Farm Machinery and Equipment (K10,0000.00)


Total Value of Tangible Assets: K10,576,825.00


4.    Current Assets Cash and Bank Balances (K40,000.00)




ISSUED BY:                The Commission

Electoral Commission of Zambia

Elections House

Haile Selassie Avenue

P O Box 50274



  • Kelvin Mulenga

    Kindly confirm if Lusaka boys is under munali constituency.
    I ask because earlier during my verification it was under Lusaka Central and my voters card states so.
    In May 2016 I verified through my mobile phone * showed Lusaka central.
    But now it’s showing munali
    What’s going on?
    My NRC is 303628/61/1

  • Francis Lubinda Lubinda

    Thank you for the information

  • Francis Lubinda Lubinda

    We support peaceful elections

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    How much was the nomination fee?
    Why haven’t you included?

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